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Squid Programmers Guide

Squid Developers

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Squid is a WWW Cache application developed by the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research and members of the Web Caching community. Squid is implemented as a single, non-blocking process based around a BSD select() loop. This document describes the operation of the Squid source code and is intended to be used by others who wish to customize or improve it.

1. Introduction

2. Coding Conventions

3. Overview of Squid Components

4. External Programs

5. Flow of a Typical Request

6. Callback Functions

7. The Main Loop: comm_select()

8. Client Streams

9. Processing Client Requests

10. Delay Pools

11. Storage Manager

12. Storage Interface

13. Forwarding Selection

14. IP Cache and FQDN Cache

15. Server Protocols

16. Timeouts

17. Events

18. Access Controls

19. Authentication Framework

20. ICP

21. Network Measurement Database

22. Error Pages

23. Callback Data Allocator

24. Refcount Data Allocator (C++ Only)

25. Cache Manager

26. HTTP Headers

27. File Formats

28. Store ``swap meta'' Description

29. leakFinder

30. MemPools

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