Re: [squid-users] Unable to forward this request at this time

From: Khaled Daham <>
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 23:08:01 +0200 (CEST)

You should probably have alot of lines that looks like this

2001/04/08 11:53:04| TCP connection to failed
2001/04/08 11:53:04| Failed to select source for ''
2001/04/08 11:53:04| always_direct = -1
2001/04/08 11:53:04| never_direct = 1

Which results in the "cannot forward" message your clients see.

But as Henrik has pointed out you might run into an OS limit like file
descriptors, which should be echoed in cache.log, do a grep -i warn

WARNING! Your cache is running out of filedescriptors

If that shows up then thats your first problem :) but to my experience you
do not get the cannot forward message, squid is just performing badly
because of this limitation, ie slow browsing.
( If you have snmp compiled in you can easily check how many is used and
how many is free )

Your cache_peer line should have no-query to not send any ICP packets to
KACST ( this is a prerequisite from them also ).

/Khaled Daham, w.arts
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